About the project

Useful, Usability, Disposability

This is a project which addresses the issue of plastic invasion of our communities and households with a purpose to bring the message of a safe and healthy environment closer to the citizens through civic education enabled by land art installation.

Five organizations decided to use their capabilities and expertise to produce a Moodle based e-learning platform with a content capable to serve the project needs. The content includes 5 tutorials : info-doc , land art installation centered civic events, digital skills needed to handle the Moodle based platform, socio-civic skills required to shape civic events and dissemination to support the profile and follow-up of the e-learning platform. Each tutorial includes examples of good practice and an evaluation chapter. Anydoby using the platform should be able to design a civic event to their own needs.

The partners' staff act as content developers and are trained by the platform maker on how to use it to be able to design and organize land art installation centered civic events with different community groups such as children, seniors, disadvantaged people, youth, artists.

A number of on line sessions and short staff training sessions strengthen the empowerment of the staff for becoming proficient platform users capable to train others on how to do it for their own purposes.

All activities are monitored and evaluated by a Project board set up at the very start.

Four multiplier events bring together professionals from the organizing country and neighboring parts of Europe to make known the platform and it capabilities, show the local land art installation centered civic events and organize contact seminars to prepare partnerships around project ideas for new applications.

At the end of the project there is an European consortium in place with a leading team, a joint pool of trained staff capable to provide training and development support when needed, a joint website, a joint e-learning platform and a number of partnerships and project ideas ready for new applications. We believe this is a good model of sustainability .

The project partnership include a variety of organizations from Romania (coordinator - seniors organization), Spain (ICT company), Italy (land art installation artists ), Lithuania (civic adult learning), Bulgaria (dissemination).


All implementation steps lead to a comprehensive intellectual output including 5 developed tutorials, based on the combined expertise of each of the 5 partners, experience exchange and learning new skills. The end product is an educational on-line tool which allows a cascade training system, from staff to facilitators. The grant is requested for staff involvement in the development process, their experience exchange and learning new skills and the preparation of the educational tool for the train the trainer phase after the project.

There are 3 planned project processes including:

  1. making 5 tutorials which by using 1, more or all, lead to the development of competencies needed by facilitators who work with community groups in civic events
  2. 2. mirroring and enhancing the tutorials by installing them on an adapted Moodle e-learning platform
  3. having the staff involved in the development of the assessment chapter by designing art installation- centered civic events for the 5 countries, with selected community groups and relying on the adapted Moodle e-learning platform.

There are 2 short-term staff training sessions planned, one in Spain and another in Lithuania. 3 staff members from each country need workspace, Internet connection, stationary both before and after. Between the two trainings, in 5 months time, each partner needs to organize the FB sites, one info-session and held an on-line session with the ICT trainer to decide community groups for civic actions.

The texts will be translated for the website, preparing articles for the 4 newsletters and printing them for occasions, print project leaflets, brochures and fliers for local events and information activities. Specific items or preparations for the inclusion of groups with health, poverty or educational difficulties are ensured by the organizers.

The connection between the project progress and direct and indirect beneficiaries and stakeholders will be ensured by the civic events and the info sessions, 4 in each country between the different international activities. It is important that leaflets, flyers, good info brochures are made available.

  1. A 3 day multiplier event taking place in Italy; A land art installation and our e-learning platform facing plastic bags in Europe, to promote the Moodle based e-learning platform to professionals from Italy and Mediterranean and Western Europe + contact seminar for future projects. This event for country stakeholders and community leaders, professionals and those from Western and Mediterranean Europe, presents the e-learning platform and tutorials, land art centered civic events developed by the Italian partner with local community groups, a contact seminar on Erasmus+ opportunities, ending with 3 partnerships around ideas in our field. .( plasticfood project centro culturale ed artistico)
  2. A 3 day multiplier event taking place in Romania: Community groups a step forward - a successful learning experience with our e-learning platform to promote the Moodle based e-learning platform to the country professionals, Eastern and Central Europe professionals +contact seminar for future projects. Focused on the experience of the staff in the project and with the tutorials on the platform. Includes the presentation of tutorials, selection of one for demo and showing the assessment object , i.e. local civic events developed by the staff . Participants: country, Eastern and Central Europe professionals and organization leaders; a contact seminar will be held with the foreign participants willing to form project partnerships for the next Erasmus call. (Asociatia InitiativaCetatenilorSeniori)
  3. A 3 day multiplier events taking place in Bulgaria: Being proud of our useful e-learning platform to promote the Moodle based e-learning platform to the country professionals and eligible Balkan professionals +contact seminar for future projects. Participants: eligible Balkan and Bulgarian professionals, community leaders and stakeholders are addressed ( teachers, youth organisations, artists organisations, seniors' organisations, facilies civic organisations, volunteers organisations, adult learning facilities, local cultural institutions, public isntitutions dealing with deprived people). The seminar will emphasize the project objectives , the tutorials on the Plastic Food Platform and the speakers will make demonstrations and stimulate debate around the platform. Land art civic events will be showen. A contact seminar will be included to present the Erasmus+ opportunities and build new project partnerships from among participants. (Balkanska Agenciya za Ustoychivo Razvitie)
  4. A 3 day multiplier event taking place in Lithuania: Tutorials to work with from the Moodle based platform of the project to promote the Moodle based e-learning platform to the professionals from Lithuania, Baltic and Northern countries. This event for country stakeholders and community leaders, professionals and those from Baltic and Nordic countries, presents the tutorials, land art centered civic events developed by the organizer's staff, a contact seminar on Erasmus+ opportunities for the present organizations ending with partnerships around ideas in our field. (Europos socialinis verslumo ugdymo ir inovatyviu studiju institutas)
  5. A multilingual project website. The website is the entry point of the project. Developed with open source technologies, it works as the first contact of the user with the project where important documentation and information about the project can be found. The user can also contact with the partners either with an integrated form or through the contact information available in the partners section. News and announcements relevant to the project are frequently posted to inform the users about the progress. Last but not least the website also serves as a content management system for the partners to share files, manage the newsletter’s subscriptions or answer user questions, i.e monitoring and evaluation docs, drafts of project materials and the likes. (Inercia Digital S.L.; All PPs)
  6. 5 local FB sites in the local language to ensure interaction between the project partners and mobilize facilitators and community groups for events. The insights of the FB site measure the impact of the project at a local level for each event from the event string such as: number of visitors, number of page likes, page individual reach, number of comments and shares per event from preparation to closing stage, hits per country of origin. The project coordinator, ICT coordinator and dissemination coordinator will put together their experience to support this product take off. FB sites will be linked to the project website. (Balkanska Agenciya za Ustoychivo Razvitie; All PPs)
  7. A string of min. 10 cross-border land installation centered events (min. 2 per country) to take place after the training in Spain and after the training in Lithuania. Their content and community groups need to be discussed and agreed between partners. Community group in view: children, seniors, disadvantaged groups, youth, artists. Events take place around the plastic food or similar land art installation in schools, museums, libraries, parks, administrative squares, preferably during the weekend. The module for land art-centered civic events module is of inspiration and the newly created ones add to this module on the platform. Events may include: photo and drawing exhibitions, dance and song shows, flash mobs, street theatre, public speaking demo, etc.( plasticfood project centro culturale ed artistico; All PPs)
  8. 4 newsletters in English to ensure Europe -wide dissemination of the project. Designed by the coordinator of the dissemination Module by consultation with the partners, the newsletters will have a minimum of 4 pages A4, published and disseminated on paper and on the project website . (Balkanska Agenciya za Ustoychivo Razvitie; All PPs)
  9. Minimum 4x5 local info sessions to take place, one in each country after each transnational activity, in the country language; formats to be designed by the coordinator of the dissemination module in agreement with the partners with a minimum content: reporting to local stakeholders and community groups on the event in question, announcing the preparation and delivery of the land art installation- centered event in the city. Project messages and communication tips are to be suggested. (Balkanska Agenciya za Ustoychivo Razvitie; All PPs)


Moodle based e-learning platform including 5 tutorials meant for facilitators of civic events with a range of community groups; The platform is planned to host the content of the Plastic Food good practice modules: (Inercia Digital S.L.)

  • Module 1: Tutorial on the UUD platform content, tools and user's guide (user-friendly tour of the platform)
  • Module 2: Tutorial on the UUD background, explanatory dictionary of project key words and related on-line sources of information
  • Module 3: Tutorial on A show case of “Plastic Food experience” to enable, inspire and help project partners map examples of civic actions with different community groups from the project countries and 5 formats of recommended civic actions for 5 community groups, one per project country
  • Module 4: Tutorial on socio-civic and staff knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by the staff to design, manage and assess civic actions with different community groups (school children, youth, seniors, families, disadvantaged)
  • Module 5: Tutorial on designing, planning and managing multiplier and dissemination activities and tools targeting different audiences and stakeholders

Moodle (the Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), is one of the world’s most used learning management system. It presents several advantages that we think they make Moodle the perfect fit for our needs.