The start...

By Viorica Alexandru
2016-01-29 in Braila, Romania

After three months from contract signature, the project partners met face to face for the first time ... It is really exciting to see what an incredible role experience plays in a partnership working long distance for a significant while...

We had two great mornings with Anna Lalkovska from BASD, Bulgaria, Simona Savickiene from the European Institute, Lithuania and Aurelia Ion from Initiativa, Romania. They gave their best on the UUD dissemination strategy, tutorial structures and the e-learning platform. At the end of the day we had a clear decision on how to finish and exchange our national dissemination strategies as well as the training needs assessment process and tools for the next period. Last but not least, the newsletter structure was agreed and a cross project dissemination team set up;

...particularly because of the differences between those who knew so much and those who did not, the e-learning platform took us some time in terms of its public interface and interactivy . In the end, Borja Munoz from Inercia, Spain gave us his expert opinion and took note of everybody’s need for training on the intricacies of the e-learning platform and structures bridging tutors with learners. He promised an unforgettable training in Heulva, Spain to take place in March.

...the partners and over 70 students and teachers attended the afternoon sessions ...guest speakers like Dan Patzelt from ADU, Bucharest completely against plastic debated with Lucian Tilea from Braila totally for plastic in our lives..thrilled the audience


...the beautiful concert hall and yard of the Art School in Braila hosted the happening directed by Monsignor Pierluigi, the Italian parent of the project idea. .

...two college teams presented their winning works under the Kaufland Olympics with particular focus on wastes reuse and environment protection.

... the Romanian team announced the youth public debate on plastics for six college teams inclcuding the preliminary on plastics elimination , the semifinals on plastics consumption reduction and the final on recycling .

We said good bye and stepped confidently into the second quarter of our project ...

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