Clues to understanding socio–civic events messaging about plastic invasion - an info-session

By Viorica Alexandru
2016-02-18 in Braila, Romania

On the 18th of February the College ‘Ana Aslan’ hosted the 1st UUD info-session . Key elements of the project were introduced in different ways to some 60 participants including, staff, teachers, local stakeholders and youth from the city of Braila.

The Romanian National Agency was also represented by their expert Bogdan Dumitru. exhibition of the students and teachers from colleges ‘Edmond Nicolau’, ‘Gh.N. Murgoci’ and the Art School ‘Hariclea Darclee’ was urging participants to be intelligent and not throw away plastic and other kinds of wastes but turn them into attractive art work or useful objects ...Meanwhile a video was on showing art installations made of plastic bags and bottles...


...Dan Patzelt and Luminita Danaila put togther a happening called ‘Just do not leave plastic wastes behind’ ...Dan, an activist from an enviromental organization involved all in an exercise of 'producing’ and collecting plastic trash, demonstraded why plastic was chemically bad.


...There were also two presentations . One by Aura Ion illustrating plastic invasion, art installations from overseas, civic events warning about plastic pollution; the other by Georgiana Troia introducing the audience to the process and tools for the TNA . Questionnaires were spread and future Focus groups explained and scheduled.


... Georgiana also briefly announced the Motion for the public debade competition ‘No more plastic’ , debate teams from six colleges registered for the competition and each draw their match for the preliminary encounter... judges were also appointed form among the debate trainers.... all were informed to follow the info flows on Mr Organicescu Facebook account for substantiating their positions...


At the end of the day we knew our audience had become more curious and were looking forward to being involved in teh future ...

Many thanks to Georgiana Troia, Dan Patzelt, Aurelia Ion, Luminita Danaila and Ionel Filip for their professional inputs. Many thanks to the audience ... There would not have been any event without their presence, would it?

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