Info- session 2 - Bridging the training in Spain with the TNA and the training in Lithuania

By Viorica Alexandru
2016-06-17 in Braila, Romania

This second info –sessions took place for one hour on the 17th of June, on Friday, at 14:30 when there was an unbearable heat outside and our participants were exhausted following the efforts in the last school weeks...and the WiFi gave us a chance to use traditional means for presentations. Viorica AlexandruGeorgiana Troia si Aurelia Ion bridged the training in Spain with placed on and the short course to take place in Lithuania on socio-civic competences needed by organizers of civic events .... please see the Power Points named info-session 2 a, b and c in the section Documents on www. to see for yourself that with are not just bragging ...

The Info session 2c includes a review of the 5 UUD tutorials, all converging towards empowering organizers for civic events design and management : to work independently on the UUD platform, to understand the key concepts of the plastic pollution approached here and have available sources of information on the spot, to see good practice examples fo civic events centred on art installations, to understand what civic competences they need to develop for being goo dorganizers of civic events and how, to be able to design and plan the dissemination strategy and tools for a specific civic event

In view of the training in Lithuania and the achievement of the socio-civic competence building tutorial, the conclusions of the TNA in Braila are briefly given : 70% declared themselves beginners in the field of socio-civic competences and civic events; 50% had never been involved in organizing civic events; 50% had been faced with a low involvement and reduced interest of youth in new learning thems and civic actions.

The author shares the specification for socio-civic tutorial dedicated to organizers of civic events with youth from Braila which should include knowledge about the theory and practice of socio-civic competences, civic events and art installations as instrument to promote civic messages; knowledge about the necessary steps to initiate and organize a civic evengt; skills to involve young people in civic events, to design and organize local civi events; leadership and time management skilss; positive attitude towards independent learning on the UUD e-learning platform, participation in workshops , learning in information events under this poject but also taking other oportunities offered on the training market; constructive attitude to build on the declared socio-civic practice- that of beginners; building on existing advanced skills such as communication, creativity, creative problem solving.

A presentation of the as it looks after Spain was made with an emphasis on the following sectiond: Updates, Newsletter, Documents as potential sources for the UUD tutorials.
The participants will reflect on the necessity to have these website sections translated into Romanian, or have just wholly/partially translated the tutorials in the local language. 
All participants will register to receive the newsletter. 
They were also asked to reflect with their team leaders on writing short reports for the Updates section.
...Georgiana Troia, our debate person, presented the dreams and expectations related to our Spanish experience .

Group learning

Group fun

Aura Ion , our IT person shared her optimism with the group of event organizers present at the info-session...

The team is all smiles ...the Moodle Platform will work ...

Communication follows via
References: Info session 1a, b and c Please say if you need translation into English.


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