The 1st UUD Conference took place in Lithuania

By Egle Radzeviciute

On the 24-26 of February, 2017 Kaunas city became the Social Business and Innovation capital and was called "ChangeMakers’ON". During the three-day conference the stakeholders and community leaders, professionals from the Baltic and Nordic countries had worked on the Social Innovation ideas.  Useful Usability Disposability“(UUD) e-learning platform on Moodle, which allows teachers, students and every person who is using “Moodle” as a learning delivery solution to reinforce their knowledge with the platform to create educational content in the form of an active community, was presented to wide range of professionals by Simona Šimulytė, director of European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative studies institute. “Moodle”.

There were more than 30 experts from social and traditional business, from academia level and political level involved into the conference. As well as more than 30 partners supported the movement. The consortium was able to attract more than 100 participants from different countries.

ChangeMakers’ON was an innovative approach to the conference. It was a mix of speakers, workshop, panel discussion and variety of trainings. In other words – hackathon style was chosen. During weekend more than 10 ideas where pitched and developed.  As well as three very concrete project were born.



Electronic shop will be developed which would sell handicraft made by small companies from the developing countries that employ members of vulnerable social groups. This shop would provide additional market and a regular flow of orders for these small usually rather unstable companies, whereas inhabitants of Lithuania would have a direct way to help economically disadvantaged people in the developing countries. Handicraft like jewelry, clothes, bags, toys, home decor items, seasonal items and similar wares are chosen to sell in the e-shop. Handicraft would have national characteristics but also would be pitched to better developed countries.


Jolly of smiles

Various media channels constantly announce about unusually dynamic changes (and we, ourselves observe that fact), the speed of life and activities are getting more and more intense, along with various problematic situations. There increase stressful feelings, negative social, health, communication and other phenomena. Furthermore, scientific studies of Johns Hopkins SAIS/university shows, that in average of 80% human feelings dominate the negative emotions, and only 20% are positive. Negative emotions and stress are the main reason of 'top' illnesses and death of vast majority of the population of developed countries. Do not forget also add to this list an accidents, crimes, divorces, violence, even wars!



Problem which we are identifying: there is a part of people in our society which are more excluded to compare to others. That part to which is described social vulnerable people creates such associations as „dirty, unpleasant, unseen, ugly” for others. We want to integrate such people to society by using creative way and give them some tools for possibility to change their life. We want to help them to become creators of their life because sometimes they need only some tools for changes. Also we want to show rest of society that we should see everyone as a member of our society. One more problem with which we want to deal is people who are not proud of being Lithuanian.

Most sustainable ideas were awarded. The conference attracted a lot of attention of higher education institutions.  Therefore, the European social entrepreneurship and innovative studies institute "Enterprise Lithuania" and Kaunas University of Technology are already beginning to organize “ChangeMakers'ON" summer camp for to ensure sustainability for developed social business models.


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