A Civic Exercise with Young People

By Viorica Alexandru, Project Coordinator
2017-05-28 in Braila, Romania

Selective collection of  wastes,  25-31 March 2017

Is was based on the PlasticsFree course placed on the UUD e-learning platform Tutorial 4.  Seven teachers from our pool of high schools organized and coordinated  the  selective collection exercise in their schools. The exrcise was meant to test the capacity of the teachers to roganize a civic exercise and accustome families with the public selective collection of household wastes to start soon.  We also had in view finding out reference figures about per family, per day collected amounts to figure out what ammount would reduce the garbage collection tax, recently increased by 52% becasue of town landfill overflow.

The result was that 220 families collected a bit over 6 tones of dry wastes in 5 days.

By the time of the Conference in June, ee expect the municipality to let us know the number of families in town to calculate the possible reduction of garbage collectionp tax provided X much dry waste per year will not go to the landfill.

The exercise was supported by the Municipal Sanitation Service and three waste collectors RER , ECO si BRAI-CATA which provided the logistics and 3 bycicles as prizes for the winners of wastepaper, cans and waste plastic collection. 

The civic exercise is part of the Breaking the Wall of Indifference campaign together with the public speaking competition, exhibition of art installations and the dissemination conference of the project, campaign coordinated by Initaitiva Cetatenilor Seniori under the civic learning exercise based on the PlasticsFree e-learning Platform.


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