HOPE - Hands on Plastic Environment

By Viorica Alexandru
2017-10-24 in Braila, Romania

HOPE is a new project expanding  the experience gained through the UUD; it brings in  new partners and new learning initiatives for partners' staff and beneficiaries  such as  educators, young people, diverse stakeholders and the local general public . Organizations from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Turkey lead by the UK partner plan to tackle the plastic journey from birth, growth and  decay to future visions on mankind wealth and health.  

There will be workshops including photo exhibitions, public  talks, digital video VR/3D presentations related to plastic junk disposed in natural and urban/rural environment and how to reduce irresponsible and harmful impact on people and promote acceptable behaviour.

All will build on experience exchange published on a blog and feed a joint HOPE handbook  which the partner’s organisations' will spread in the local languages to their staff, target groups, stakeholders, professionals and public participants. A wider HOPE network will grow to sustain the project outcomes after the project lifetime.

Links will be added to the UUD Tutorial 2 Info-Doc to enrich its content and educational remit as agreed with all partners.

Project data

  • Title : HOPE - Hands on Plastic Environment
  • Lifetime: 18 months
  • Coordinator : Pro Art & Co, United Kingdom and partners from : Bulgaria - BASD; Poland - Fundacja Wymiany Kulturowej TO TU TO TAM; Romania - Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori; Slovakia - Institút socialneho, profesijneho a karieroveho rozvoja, n.o.;Turkey - KECIOREN MUNICIPALITY


Kick off meeting, London, 13-14 Oct 2017


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