Great Expectations from HOPE

By Viorica Alexandru


HOPE was launched at Braila, Romania just before Christmas 2017, on the 22nd of December. However many events were taking place in the town at that time, we had some 60 audience including citizens, students, teachers, city counsellors , the head of the municipal sanitation services.

The venue made available by the public library was   friendly, equipped for presentations and debates  and reminding about local personalities gone national and international.

The idea to have it live on the Internet brought us over 300 viewers fronm two sites and raised interest among Romanian environment NGOs .  The agenda included everything needed to raise great expectations .

Aurelia Ion made a short video of some moments of waste management history  reviewed by the Western Riverside Waste Authority Materials Recycling Facility  visited in October upon kick off meeting in Londoan and introduced them to the audience. A tour of London summarized in a few minutes gave the participants the grasp of the City of London street and parks management services.

Viorica Alexandru  talked the audience into the four HOPE themes to be approached in the HOPE e-handbook, the training events in view of the Green Week Festival to enable  HOPE participants make HOPE  films, photos and talks as well as the HOPE Mobil, an exhibition  in the main Romanian cities  enabling full contact with the Romaniana best practice examples of waste management. 

The HOPE Festival to take place in 21-26 May  2018 in the  EU Green Week at Braila as a competition between teams of youth lead by teachers was introduced by Veronica Picus. An exhibition of films, videos and posters made by the contenders and a final public speaking competition should add to each of the portfolios competing in front of a  public form all over the county.

An expert presentation was made by  Mihaela Sofronea from the Green Group on their SIGUREC project which made debate flourish and proved time was too short particularly because  municipal councellors and the head of the local town sanitation service were asked impatients questions from the audience.

The SIGUREC people met the Mayor Marian Dragomir and Vice-Mayor Doinita Ciocan later on the day to discuss installing a number of SIGUREC units in the town.

Isn’t that great?   

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