Breaking the Wall of Indifference

By Viorica Alexandru
2017-06-20 in Braila, Romania


9-10 JUNE 2017

Breaking the wall of indifference” is title of the European Conference that took place on 9-10 June 2017 at Braila, Romania.  It is one of the four multiplier events under UUD, our Erasmus+ project. It was dedicated to sharing the PLASTICSFREE E-LEARNING PLATFORM and its potential with stakeholders from Braila, Braila county, Romania as well as Central and Eastern Europe . The event was designed and managed based on the tutorials hosted on the e-learning platform PLASTICSFREE  at  under the co-ordination of Viorica Alexandru, the UUD project co-ordinator

The exhibition of art installations. The  7 teams which  attended  the 5 tutorials on the e-learning platform displayed their art installations based on plastic wastes. Together with the visitors they  got involved in a show  and competed  for eco-prizes such as flowers,  fruit and biscuits.  Four sets of 20 questions covered the platform content, project partners,  definitions of art installations and  civic events as well as project  partnership. 80 prizes were handed to those who took time to draw questions, look for information and got back to give the right answer.  It took 2 hours of loud  talk in the Old Centre of Braila about UUD with vivid enjoyment.    There was music background and plastic zomby girls  with pompons gave a tour around the exhibition  to groups of visitors.  The lunch break  was an occasion for a practical  selective waste collection exercise: after eating their lunch, all had to go and dispose of wastes in three different containers : plastic, paper and cans. Then all went to push down the “all of indifference”  built next to the city symbol, the big blue clock...

The round table chaired by Viorica Alexandru  got together some 12 people and over 50 audience  in the beautiful Municipal Theatre “Maria Filotti” ; representatives of the Municipality, local services, NGOs, local and county schools, media, colleagues from countrywide,  Poland and  UK were present. We shared the outcome of Tutorial 2 –Informatioan about plastic wastes and  waste management  good practice in partner countreis and worldwide. Marian Dragomir, the mayor of Braila disclosed the Municipality plan for selective waste collection  taking account of the results obtained by the project in 5 day  selective waste collection under the UUD project.  Vesna Petcovic presented the practice of waste collection and initial processing in London right in the basement of the buildings.  Alexandra Dragomir from the

Viorica Alexandru introduced the campaign “Breaking the wall of indifference” and learners and volunteer leaders took turns to share their experience with the  5 days competition of selective collection “Cycling and collecting”...  the public speaking competition with its 3 stages : 1. Plastic pollution; 2. Waste Selective Collection and 3. Circular economy.

A brief presentation was given by the Chair of the round table concerning the contact meeting that had taken place one day before and came out with 3 civic project ideas to be submitted for funding under Erasmus+ in 2018 : 1. How to make you visit my town – to promote smaller and less known towns  via an application on environment and access to treasures  in towns such  as Braila, Przemysl, and taking example from  London and Cracow ;  2. Share with me the underground multiculturality of Europe to produce a multicultural game recognizing the common values of different believs and their impact on community life quality, with academnic partners, NGOs, museums  and libraries from Poland, UK , Romania. 3. Cycling in family – to promote health and clean environment through cycling routs in the local community.  

The final part was awarding certificates to adult learners  and volunteers on a ship sailing on the Danube. Winners were given cerificates and prizes for waste collection (bicycles) , public speaking (rucksaks, books and gadgets) ; three schools were awarded diplomas for special civic envolvemengt and budget allocation by the Municipality to start a selective collection and rest area in their yards. 586 volunteers were certified for their work along the  two project years.  

Many thanks to  The Municipal Theatre, County Library and partner colleges „Gh. Munteanu Murgoci”, “Ana Aslan”, “Edmond Nicolau”, “N. Iorga” , “Panait Cerna”, “Mihail Sebastian şi “Hariclea Darclee”from Braila as well as to  RoRec Romania and the Municipality for their support all along the conference and the follow up.

All was done with a hope that selective collection becomes a habit both for the municipality and the citizens in Braila and  other places and that circular economy where wastes become raw materials advances faster . 

Is it too much ?  It will be too little in the next 25 years


The Public Speaking Competition Final

By Viorica Alexandru
2017-05-28 in Braila, Romania

A civic event sharing about Circular Economy

It was a one hour civic event that took place at Braila in the conference room of the Administrative Palace  with art installations as a background. Three young speakers from the local college “Gh.M. Murgoci” talked  about wastes becoming raw materials for services and products useful to us.   To put it short, they talked about CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

The winner was Nicoleta Sima with her discourse “ The Policy of Small Steps”  . The jury included personalities and people familiar with public speaking and civics.

The local partnership for civic education for a plasticsfree world  includes the following  colleges and high schools CN”Gh.M. Murgoci”, CN “Ana Aslan”, CN “N. Iorga”, CT”Edmond Nicolau”, LT “Panait Cerna”, LT ” M. Sebastian” si LA “ Hariclea Darclee”.

Asociatia Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori,  the Municipality of Braila and RoRec Bucharest provided professional support, the venue and prizes  as needed.

The civic event builds on knowledge aquired on civic events design and management by teachers from the e-learning PlasticsFree Platform produced by the Erasmus+ UUD project.

A Civic Exercise with Young People

By Viorica Alexandru, Project Coordinator
2017-05-28 in Braila, Romania

Selective collection of  wastes,  25-31 March 2017

Is was based on the PlasticsFree course placed on the UUD e-learning platform Tutorial 4.  Seven teachers from our pool of high schools organized and coordinated  the  selective collection exercise in their schools. The exrcise was meant to test the capacity of the teachers to roganize a civic exercise and accustome families with the public selective collection of household wastes to start soon.  We also had in view finding out reference figures about per family, per day collected amounts to figure out what ammount would reduce the garbage collection tax, recently increased by 52% becasue of town landfill overflow.

The result was that 220 families collected a bit over 6 tones of dry wastes in 5 days.

By the time of the Conference in June, ee expect the municipality to let us know the number of families in town to calculate the possible reduction of garbage collectionp tax provided X much dry waste per year will not go to the landfill.

The exercise was supported by the Municipal Sanitation Service and three waste collectors RER , ECO si BRAI-CATA which provided the logistics and 3 bycicles as prizes for the winners of wastepaper, cans and waste plastic collection. 

The civic exercise is part of the Breaking the Wall of Indifference campaign together with the public speaking competition, exhibition of art installations and the dissemination conference of the project, campaign coordinated by Initaitiva Cetatenilor Seniori under the civic learning exercise based on the PlasticsFree e-learning Platform.


An outcome of studying on the UUD Plastics Free e-learning platform

By Viorica Alexandru
2017-05-19 in Braila, Romania


Plastic wastes based art installations at Braila, Romania

On the 19th of May art installations based on plastic wastes  were exhibited in the Main Hall of the Administrative Palace at Braila, Romania


After attending the Romanian version of the PlasticsFree course,  seven teams, teachers and students,   showed their understanding of plastic wastes and art installations as encapsulators of  civic messages to the community.


The learners created the artistic part of  the campaign called “Breaking the Wall of Indifference”: 7 art installations and the videos showing how they made it and who they are .


The platform is multilingual. The Romanian version has been supported by Viorica Alexandru, Aura Ion, Luminita Danaila, Mihaela Slavu and Georgiana Troia.


The PlasticsFree platform is an e-learning tool for teachers, youth workers, anybody who wishes to make a civic event around art installations meant to spread messages  about  a world  where plastic wastes do not suffocate life and wellbeing. It was created by the UUD project partnership and has been up and running in six languages for more than half a year. 


Updates on UUD Conference in Romania

By Viorica Alexandru
2017-05-10 in Braila, Romania


Breaking the Wall of Indifference - 9-11  June 2017 at  Braila – Romania

Priority is given to participants from Central and Easter Europe. Number of places is limited so apply asap. Application dealine 31st of May.

This is a conference about civic attitude in a world faced with the wastes aggressive  invasion organized in cooperation by the Association “Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori” and the Municipality of Braila.

The conference has got two main objectives :

·        To share the results of the ending ErasmusPlus UUD project and ensure a discussion basis for follow ups;

·        To organize a contact seminar for organizations and public bodies  from Romania and European countries in view of the ErasmusPlus application deadline   

          in 2018.


Saturday  9 June 2017 19:00 Hotel Korona – Certification and celebration of PlasticsFree graduates and project volunteers 

Sunday 10 June, 2017  10:00 -16:00 Art installation exhibition “Breaking the wall of indifference” –  Eminescu st. and the central park in Traian Sq.  

10:00 -11:00 Press conference–  Outcomes and follow ups pf the UUD Erasmus+ project – ‘Maria Filotti’ theatre

11:00- 13:00  Round table– Waste management and civic engagement– ‘Maria Filotti’ Theatre  

13:00-16:00 – picnic and visiting the open air exhibition, interaction with the public, thematic dance

16:00 - 18:00  Contact seminar – Project ideas for Erasmus+  2018 -  Hotel  Korona

18:00 City Tour

19:00 Dinner on the Danube

11 June 2017 Departure

For information about  the UUD project, please  follow the link to

To register, contact Viorica Alexandru for expression of interest form via email:

Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the project for the accepted applicants based on location and  civic project idea proposals.




Invitation for the Italian conference

By Pierluigi Monsignori
2017-04-28 in Italy

Plastic Food to Plastic Minds

3 - 4  may 2017 at  Perugia – Italy

 Disability seen as a resource for teaching the reduction of waste production


This is an invitation to expression of interest in the Western and Southern  Europe Conference taking place in Perugia, Italy,  3-4 May  2017.


The conference has got 4 topics :


  • Presentation of UUD Erasmus+ Elearning Platform and explain the project  
  • A contact seminar for organizations from Western and Southern Europe in view of the ErasmusPlus deadline 2018.
  • Local experience : "The old time's snack" retrives traditions of the past, it makes us free from waste; a new consciousness that makes us regain possession of old values now abandoned. This consideration led to the idea of involving the children of an entire school to create a concrete link between past and future. For this we have explained the children what was the snack of our grandparents, which was back then a need. A slice of bread, spread with half a tomato and seasoned with our extra virgin olive oil and salt. The recovery of this snack binds us to the recovery of a tradition, of a moment that expands over time and which does not create waste. The snack becomes genuine and healthy, not just good; it is no longer an anonymous snack wrapped in many layers of packaging : it’s healthier for us and for the environment.
  • Education: Plastic Food to Plastic Minds, Disability seen as a resource for teaching the reduction of  waste production


For information about  the UUD project, please  follow the link to

To register, please send an expression of interest letter, a project idea connected to the UUD theme included.  The deadline for expression of interest is 30 april 2017.

Travel and accommodation expences will be covered by the project.

Selection criteria include: follow up project idea and the fund limit to 10 participants, one per organization and per country from Central and Eastern Europe.

For more information  pls contact Isabella Ceccarelli via e-mail at or via Facebook chat.


Sincerely Yours,

Pierluigi Monsignori, Plastic Food Project Association

Invitation for the Italian conference

By Pierluigi Monsignori
2017-04-28 in Italy

Invitation for the Italian conference

3 e 4 maggio 2017




Mercoledì 3 maggio ore 11.00 presso Sala dei Sindaci Comune di Perugia Palazzo dei Priori



Giovedì 4 maggio ore 16.00 presso Sala Pagliacci – Palazzo della Provincia Perugia



Presentazione del Progetto UUD Erasmus+ a cura di Plastic Food Project

Useful –Usability-Disposability (UUD) – a project funded by ERASMUS+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships of the EU, with parthers: BASD - Bulgaria, Plastic Food Project -Italy, European Institute- Lithuania, Inercia Digital - Spain , coordinated by Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori Association – Romania