Tutorial on Socio-Civic Events

By Simona Savickienė
2016-11-21 in Kaunas, Lithuania

We are pleased to invite you to Mr. Organicy’s on-line course about how to organize socio-civic events, what you must know, what skills would be preferable to develop, what attitude should be demonstrated and expected for to be able to design, manage and access civic actions while involving school children , youths, seniors, families and disadvantaged people.

If you are organizing Socio-Civic events, like we do, I am sure you recognize the feeling that you are doing something amazing for the people around you, but you cannot quantify the impact or carefully measure the results. This is because the way we create events is broken. This is how important this tutorial is.

We have embarked in one of the most challenging tasks we have ever witnessed: changing the way we create events to offer better value for our attendees, partners, sponsors, community and for ourselves.

This tutorial is aiming high, against biases, traditions and over a hundred years of doing things the same way. More than a manual, it is a manifesto of how events should be made. More than a process it is a philosophy.

Change needs to happen at a deeper level, challenging the status quo, but it also has to encompass simple steps and actions that you can take to make an impact. We, Socio-Civic Events professionals, love innovation but are very practical people. We will not take you through self-pleasing exercises, we are giving you a plan to action today.

This is not a tutorial to read. This is a tutorial to devour, to pass to your colleagues and  partners. If you’ve ever felt frustrated with the way your company or organization does  events, this book will be a relief. It will soothe that feeling you always had in the back of your mind when planning your Socio-Civic event that most of the time ended up in frustration. This tutorial is also for the sceptical. It is for the seasoned event professional who has been tremendously successful in their career but is feeling the wind of change. For you, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we got you
covered. We know how your organization works, we know how your stakeholders think, we know how you make decisions. The bad news is that you need to be ready to challenge  the way you do things.

Eventually this will be the most beautiful takeaway from this journey. What do you need to get started? Before you embark in this adventure, get ready to analyse your behaviour, challenge it and, if required, change it. Events are tools that through education, networking and entertainment change behaviours. If you want to change behaviours, you need to be ready to change yours. The results will be amazing. We promise. So amazing that you will brag about them to your friends and family. Yes, because planning events is
not about being obsessive compulsive with details. It is about hacking an experience until you get the best possible result. It is about making even the smallest element count toward a satisfied participant. So let’s not waste any more time, let’s go for it and create your own story on Socio-Civic events organized by you.

Tutorial on Information and Documentation

By Viorica Alexandru
2016-11-21 in Braila, Romania

Image result for earth and plastic pollution

Why an info-doc tutorial on the UUD e-learning  platform?

KOWLEDGE. Nobody is able to do research, speak, give lectures and conferences, organize events, lessons, report  about anything unless they have knowledge about the topic to be approached.

UUD knowledge regards the invasion of plastic, related  facts and figures, law, institutions, NGOs, civic events, land art installations, art works using plastic bottles and bags and the likes.

The Internet is your best source because it has got to store a huge amount of  info-doc from all walks of life in different formats from different sources and there is  wide access for most of those interested. You can search info-doc  from home, school, library, museum, public and private bodies or even in the street as is convenient for you.  

Before  starting your info-doc voyage,  first things to reflect on are:

  • information and documentation are not an end in themselves, meaning  that only some minuscule amount of it answers your need in this case or in any case;
  • information gets outdated everyday, meaning that you need to reflect on how old can be the info to be useful for your purpose;
  • information sources and resources are vast and growing  -meaning that you need a plan to restrict your search in terms of  content and date in compliance with your needs.

After foing through the Info-Doc tutorial,  you will be able to easily reflect on :

  • what kind of civic event you would prepare
  • what message you would send to your community group and/or the general public
  • what kind of land art installations or crafts you would use how to disseminate your civic event, in what format and through which channels
  • how to disseminate your civic event, in what format and through which channels

Tutorial on Civic Event Dissemination Tools and Methods

By Anna Lalkovska
2016-11-21 in Sofia, Bulgaria

This tutorial is on designing,  planning and managing multiplier and dissemination activities and tools targeting different audiences and stakeholders.
On e-learning based Moodle platform tutorial for such a comprehensive range of facilitators working with a diversity of community groups (children, seniors, youth, disadvantaged groups, decision makers  from the field of environment protection)  using adult learning, art and civics focused on plastic free communities, meant for facilitators of civic events with a range of community group, experience exchange  and learning new skills . The end product is an educational on-line tool which allows a cascade training system, from staff to facilitators in our case, for the train the trainer phase after the project. Bulgaria - Coordinator of the dissemination module hosts one multiplier event for professionals from Bulgaria and the eligible countries from Balkans and Turkey. In Bulgaria are  going to benefit from it teachers; directors; seniors, youth, artists, people with disabilities, NGOs.


PlasticsFree Regional Conferences in 2017

By Viorica Alexandru, Project Coordinator
2016-11-15 in Braila, Romania

Call for Registration

Goal: to create a contact environment for new strategic partnership Erasmus+ projects building on the UUD outcomes 

Agenda : all conferences will include demos with the UUD e-learning platform, a civic event by local platform users, a contact workshop for Strategic Partnerships applications in 2018.   

Dates and venues

23-24 March 2017  - Why Mr Organicy’s e-learning platform – Sofia,  Bulgaria - for Balkan Countries

 6-7  April     2017  - Plastic Food - a land art installation on the UUD e-learning platform - Gubbio, Italy - For Mediterranean and West European countries

19-20 May    2017  - Community groups and good practice with the e-learning platform -  Braila, Romania - for Central and East European Countries

24-26 February 2017 - Civic event design and management - Good Practice with the UUD elearning Platform –, Vilnius, Lithuania - for Norse and Baltic Countries

 Travel, accommodation and meals will be supported by the project.

 The registration process includes: 

  • stage 1  - by the end of December  2016 - preliminary selection of participants based on letters of interest, organization description, project ideas;
  • stage 2 - by the end of February 2017 - selected organizations will fill in  Project Partner sheets,  Project description template (needs, goals, target groups, activities, results). 

Priority will be given to project ideas building on the present project, targetting youth and at least one competence from the EU competence framework. 

For more information please go to  

For registration  please get in touch with:  Mrs. Viorica Alexandru - UUD Project coordinator: or Anna Lalkovska, Dissemination coordinator –

Dissemination Towards the Society of Recycling with Plastic Food Project under the UUD Erasmus

By Pierluigi Monsignori
2016-10-24 in Foligno

Towards the Society of Recycling with Plastic Food Project under the UUD Erasmus+

The 3rd edition will take place on the 22nd of October 2016 . In the morning the students of Instituto Compressivo Foligno 5 of Belfiore will participate in two workshops conducted by Pierluigi Monsignory, Potsy who is presenting the UUD Erasmus+ project and his Plastic Food.


The old time's snack - Plastic Food UUD Erasmus

By Pierluigi Monsignori
2016-10-24 in Umbertide

The old time's snack

waste pacaging reduce whit The old time's snack


press Online

by Informazione Locale

by Comune di Umbertide

by PrimoPianoNotizie

by ValtiberinaInforma


Mid Term Project Meeting in Gubbio of The Erasmus+ UUD Strategic Partnership Project

By Pierluigi Monsignori
2016-10-04 in Gubbio

Mid Term Project Meeting in Gubbio of The Erasmus+ UUD Strategic Partnership Project


The host organization, Plastic Food organized in Gubbio the mid term project meeting . The partners from Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania and Spain were represented and articipated in all local activities we prepared.