Can a National Park Be a Person? New Zeeland Says Yes...

By Viorica Alexandru


Nobody could put it better than the Guardian did last week in a video posted on Facebook.

In the next 12 months UUD will organize four regional conferences . Citizens’ attitude to plastic wastes and the future of life and nature on the Earth will be the main topic. The e-learning platform benefits will be presented to citizens and stakeholders through its outputs i.e. civic events with art installations The conferences will take place in Bulgaria for the Balkans, in Italy for the Mediterannean and West European countries, in Lithuania for the Baltic and North Europe and in Romania for Central and East Europe.

Will their messages go beyond the latest achievement in New Zeeland ? Will they question it ?

We shall see.

Plastic Food a Palanga per il progetto UUD Ersamus+

By Pierluigi Monsignori
2016-08-02 in Palanga - Lituania

Plastic Food a Palanga per il progetto UUD Ersamus+

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by Elena Caruso

by RLT tv Lithuania from 27:33 minuto

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