Can a National Park Be a Person? New Zeeland Says Yes...

By Viorica Alexandru


Nobody could put it better than the Guardian did last week in a video posted on Facebook.

In the next 12 months UUD will organize four regional conferences . Citizens’ attitude to plastic wastes and the future of life and nature on the Earth will be the main topic. The e-learning platform benefits will be presented to citizens and stakeholders through its outputs i.e. civic events with art installations The conferences will take place in Bulgaria for the Balkans, in Italy for the Mediterannean and West European countries, in Lithuania for the Baltic and North Europe and in Romania for Central and East Europe.

Will their messages go beyond the latest achievement in New Zeeland ? Will they question it ?

We shall see.

Plastic Food a Palanga per il progetto UUD Ersamus+

By Pierluigi Monsignori
2016-08-02 in Palanga - Lituania

Plastic Food a Palanga per il progetto UUD Ersamus+

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by Elena Caruso

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Mr. Organic in Lithuania

By Juan Carlos Infante Moro
2016-07-15 in Lithuania

Mr. Organic in Lithuania

Inercia Digital goes to the joint staff training of the partners of the Useful, Usability, Disposability (UUD) Project in Lithuania.

Useful, Usability, Disposability (UUD) is a Erasmus+ project which addresses the issue of plastic invasion of our communities and households with a purpose to bring the message of a safe and healthy environment closer to the citizens through civic education.

At this time, this phase of the project is managed by the Lithuanian partner ‘European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute’, whose task is to give a course on ‘Socio-civic events management’ to other project partners: Asociatia Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori, Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development (BASD), Plastic Food Project and Inercia Digital. In addition, this training is complemented by the Italian partner ‘Plastic Food Project’, who develops an socio-civic event in the country.

This training takes place from 6 to 12 July and, from Inercia Digital, go: Caridad Martinez Carrillo de Albornoz, as CEO of Inercia Digital, and Alfonso Infante Moro and Juan Carlos Infante Moro, as collaborators of Inercia Digital and professors of University of Huelva.

If you want to be updated Plastic Free Project and be part of the Mr. Organic community you can join us on Facebook. Thank you!

Socio-civic event in Palanga, Lithuania.

Plastic Food Project with UUD and high school Istituto Comprensivo di Umbertide/Montone/Pietralunga

By Plastic Food Project UUD
2016-07-05 in Montone

Plastic Food Project with UUD (funded by the Erasmus+ Programme) joins the2016 edition of “M’illumino di meno” by Caterpillar with the high school Istituto Comprensivo di Umbertide/Montone/Pietralunga, especially thanks to the scholars and the teachers Fabrizio Cioccheti and Armando Grazi. Both the scholars and the teachers understood the importance of the event that concercns a better everyday environmental awareness. February the 18th Plastic Food Project of Pierluigi Monsignori with UUD project funded by Erasmus+ Programme were guests on national radio Rai “Radio2 in un’ora” in an interview of Nicoletta Simeone and Maria Vittoria Scartozzi. The project focuses on waste reduction through artistic mediation. Infact art is reworked by scholars and mediated through culture and environmental sciences through teachers’ conscience. Scholars made draws about the topic, some very significant as the draw made by Arabic girls dreaming social concepts in a new reality. The draw shows a church attached to a mosque, it seems that young people to be mediators between cultures, needing interculturalism, dialogue and peace instead of war and weapons. Scholars understood the Plastic Food message: through waste reduction a different society is possible, European cooperation can cross any border. Thanks to Pierluigi Monsignori’s lessons, scholars of the secondary school of Montone expressed the need of reduce consumption in nowdays society. Symbolically switch off the light is the vision of reality and of future. Energy saving brings to a better future: less waste, less pollution not only less waste of ener gy. A better and more aware world.