Plastic Food a Palanga per il progetto UUD Ersamus+

By Pierluigi Monsignori
2016-08-02 in Palanga - Lituania

Plastic Food a Palanga per il progetto UUD Ersamus+

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Mr. Organic in Lithuania

By Juan Carlos Infante Moro
2016-07-15 in Lithuania

Mr. Organic in Lithuania

Inercia Digital goes to the joint staff training of the partners of the Useful, Usability, Disposability (UUD) Project in Lithuania.

Useful, Usability, Disposability (UUD) is a Erasmus+ project which addresses the issue of plastic invasion of our communities and households with a purpose to bring the message of a safe and healthy environment closer to the citizens through civic education.

At this time, this phase of the project is managed by the Lithuanian partner ‘European Social Entrepreneurship and Innovative Studies Institute’, whose task is to give a course on ‘Socio-civic events management’ to other project partners: Asociatia Initiativa Cetatenilor Seniori, Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development (BASD), Plastic Food Project and Inercia Digital. In addition, this training is complemented by the Italian partner ‘Plastic Food Project’, who develops an socio-civic event in the country.

This training takes place from 6 to 12 July and, from Inercia Digital, go: Caridad Martinez Carrillo de Albornoz, as CEO of Inercia Digital, and Alfonso Infante Moro and Juan Carlos Infante Moro, as collaborators of Inercia Digital and professors of University of Huelva.

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Socio-civic event in Palanga, Lithuania.

Plastic Food Project with UUD and high school Istituto Comprensivo di Umbertide/Montone/Pietralunga

By Plastic Food Project UUD
2016-07-05 in Montone

Plastic Food Project with UUD (funded by the Erasmus+ Programme) joins the2016 edition of “M’illumino di meno” by Caterpillar with the high school Istituto Comprensivo di Umbertide/Montone/Pietralunga, especially thanks to the scholars and the teachers Fabrizio Cioccheti and Armando Grazi. Both the scholars and the teachers understood the importance of the event that concercns a better everyday environmental awareness. February the 18th Plastic Food Project of Pierluigi Monsignori with UUD project funded by Erasmus+ Programme were guests on national radio Rai “Radio2 in un’ora” in an interview of Nicoletta Simeone and Maria Vittoria Scartozzi. The project focuses on waste reduction through artistic mediation. Infact art is reworked by scholars and mediated through culture and environmental sciences through teachers’ conscience. Scholars made draws about the topic, some very significant as the draw made by Arabic girls dreaming social concepts in a new reality. The draw shows a church attached to a mosque, it seems that young people to be mediators between cultures, needing interculturalism, dialogue and peace instead of war and weapons. Scholars understood the Plastic Food message: through waste reduction a different society is possible, European cooperation can cross any border. Thanks to Pierluigi Monsignori’s lessons, scholars of the secondary school of Montone expressed the need of reduce consumption in nowdays society. Symbolically switch off the light is the vision of reality and of future. Energy saving brings to a better future: less waste, less pollution not only less waste of ener gy. A better and more aware world.


Let's Clean Up Europe-Polo Tecnico “Franchetti-Salviani-UUD Plastic Food-by TevereTv

By TevereTV
2016-06-29 in Italy

Students of the Franchetti Salviani, an Italian high school, participated for the 3rd time at the Let's Clean Up Europe event promoted by the European Union, cleaning the local park. The cleaning up day was made on May the 28th and local tv, tevere tv, reported it on news. This Event was made implementing the UUD project that involves partners from Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain and is coordinated by the Romanian partner. The Plastic food project, Italian partner of the UUD project under Erasmus+ Program, cooperated to this event with the school with the aim of sharing the experience of the UUD project during the Let's Clean Up Europe event. The message of both initiatives is to reduce waste production and to valorize environment, raising awareness about the issue of waste management.

Mr. Organic in Spain

By Caridad Martínez Carrillo de Albornoz
2016-06-21 in Huelva, Spain

USEFUL, USABILITY , DISPOSABILITY (UUD) is a Erasmus+ project which addresses the issue of plastic invasion of our communities and households with a purpose to bring the message of a safe and healthy environment closer to the citizens through civic education.


The 5 partners’ staff act as content developers and have been trained by Inercia Digital, the Moodle platform maker on how to use the platform to be able to design and organize land art installation centered civic events with different community groups such as children, seniors, disadvantaged people, youth, artists.

The project partners include 5 organizations for Romania (coordinator – seniors organization), Spain (ICT company), Italy (land art installation artists ), LT (civic adult learning), BG (dissemination).

Inercia Digital as technological partner in addition to the website, Moodle elearning platform and training group, has made the following results we want to share with you:

  • The Desk Research in Spain you can see it full on the website of the project.
  • The Focus Group in Spain was managed by Inercia Digital and took place on the 7th of April 2016 at Secondary School Juan Ramón Jiménez in Moguer (Huelva). The group included 8 persons as teachers, SubDirector and young people and it took 30 minutes. The main idea was that they need to high need of formation to Familiarize with practical advices in order to reduce the use of plastic, with new practical opportunities to protect the environment and with the harm to the environment of the use of plastic.
  • The focus group for youth took place on the 7th of April 2016 and lasted 20 minutes. 5 persons participated, according to the guidelines.They preferred bags made of another kind of material (no plastic). In fact, they use to emphasize that plastic is harmful and has got a longer lifetime.
  • With regards the QUESTIONNAIRE REPORT in Spain has the focus on the importance of the Training needs for trainers and organizers of civic events .The survey was carried out from the 18th of March 2016 to 10th April 2016 in Huelva and Seville, Spain, It is based on an online questionnaire applied to 11 individuals, 6 trainers/teachers and 5 organizers of civic events. The subjects indicated that it would be better, more information that deals with the benefit of the recycling wastes

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Info- session 2 - Bridging the training in Spain with the TNA and the training in Lithuania

By Viorica Alexandru
2016-06-17 in Braila, Romania

This second info –sessions took place for one hour on the 17th of June, on Friday, at 14:30 when there was an unbearable heat outside and our participants were exhausted following the efforts in the last school weeks...and the WiFi gave us a chance to use traditional means for presentations. Viorica AlexandruGeorgiana Troia si Aurelia Ion bridged the training in Spain with placed on and the short course to take place in Lithuania on socio-civic competences needed by organizers of civic events .... please see the Power Points named info-session 2 a, b and c in the section Documents on www. to see for yourself that with are not just bragging ...

The Info session 2c includes a review of the 5 UUD tutorials, all converging towards empowering organizers for civic events design and management : to work independently on the UUD platform, to understand the key concepts of the plastic pollution approached here and have available sources of information on the spot, to see good practice examples fo civic events centred on art installations, to understand what civic competences they need to develop for being goo dorganizers of civic events and how, to be able to design and plan the dissemination strategy and tools for a specific civic event

In view of the training in Lithuania and the achievement of the socio-civic competence building tutorial, the conclusions of the TNA in Braila are briefly given : 70% declared themselves beginners in the field of socio-civic competences and civic events; 50% had never been involved in organizing civic events; 50% had been faced with a low involvement and reduced interest of youth in new learning thems and civic actions.

The author shares the specification for socio-civic tutorial dedicated to organizers of civic events with youth from Braila which should include knowledge about the theory and practice of socio-civic competences, civic events and art installations as instrument to promote civic messages; knowledge about the necessary steps to initiate and organize a civic evengt; skills to involve young people in civic events, to design and organize local civi events; leadership and time management skilss; positive attitude towards independent learning on the UUD e-learning platform, participation in workshops , learning in information events under this poject but also taking other oportunities offered on the training market; constructive attitude to build on the declared socio-civic practice- that of beginners; building on existing advanced skills such as communication, creativity, creative problem solving.

A presentation of the as it looks after Spain was made with an emphasis on the following sectiond: Updates, Newsletter, Documents as potential sources for the UUD tutorials.
The participants will reflect on the necessity to have these website sections translated into Romanian, or have just wholly/partially translated the tutorials in the local language. 
All participants will register to receive the newsletter. 
They were also asked to reflect with their team leaders on writing short reports for the Updates section.
...Georgiana Troia, our debate person, presented the dreams and expectations related to our Spanish experience .

Group learning

Group fun

Aura Ion , our IT person shared her optimism with the group of event organizers present at the info-session...

The team is all smiles ...the Moodle Platform will work ...

Communication follows via
References: Info session 1a, b and c Please say if you need translation into English.


Info-session 2: Project promotion: What is Moodle platform and to what purpose?

By Anna Lalkovska
2016-05-04 in Sofia, Bulgaria

On 4.05.2016 in Moskva hotel, Sofia, Conference Hall 5 was organized Info session 2 under the Project UUD. The event was attended by teachers, trainers seniors and NGOs experts.

The project team provided for each guest a project leaflet and photos of Mr Organicy. The info session 2 started at 18 h with presentation of the project, activities implemented so far. Anna Lalkovska presented the Moodle platform goals - project result responsability of the partner Inercia Digital - Spain.

The info session was closed at 19 h.


Short-Term Training in Spain for the Useful, Usability and Disposability Project

By Borja V. Muñoz
2016-03-23 in Huelva, Spain

The Short-Term Training on E-learning Platforms for the Useful, Usability and Disposability project took place on the 17th to the 21st of March and served not only to consolidate the knowledge of the partners on the use of the platform during the development of the project, but also to set straight the path for all the tasks that need to be done until the next meeting.

The project addresses the issue of plastic invasion of our communities and households with a purpose to bring the message of a safe and healthy environment closer to the citizens through civic education enabled by land art installation. During their stay, our friends were able to visit Huelva and Seville and enjoy the weather and the crowded and cheerful streets of the Easter.

From Inercia Digital we would like to thank everyone of them for their kindness and hard work and hope that their stay was enjoyable.